Exam Tips

IICE – Exam Tips For students to solve various Government competitive examinations & Entrance Exam Test Paper to score maximum marks :

  1. Always scan the test paper first in about 1 minute and then only start solving and apply Scan-Search-Select-Solve approach.
  2. Always attempt the easiest questions (or at least those which you think are the easiest) first. Never spend large time on any one question.
  3. Neglect the tough questions in the beginning. The examiners give you the toughest questions in the beginning or the end of a section to frustrate you.
  4. Do not get stuck on reasoning type questions.
  5. Solve as many questions as you can .
  6. Develop the art of eliminating wrong answer choices by approximation guesses.
  7. Be very fast at mental calculations.
  8. Do  rough work as little as possible as the space given in the exams is limited.
  9. Remember, all these exams demand on your balance between speed and accuracy.
  10. Read the directions VERY carefully.
  11. Make sure you revise the theory and standard results at least 5 times before the test for Maths based test.
  12. Always try to solve the paper in two rounds. In the 1st round, solve the direct formula  based problems and in the 2nd round solve the calculative problems. Be thorough with various mathematical formulas so that you can save time in the 1st round which can be utilized in the 2nd round.
  13. Take a good night’s sleep before going for the test. Take this point very seriously.
  14. Don’t study anything just before your exam, keep the mind  fresh and energetic.
  15. Don’t forget to take Admit Card, HB pencils, watch, sharpener, eraser and the other essential things.