Polytechnic Exam

What is a Polytechnic ?

The term polytechnic comes from the Greek word meaning many and tekhnikos meaning arts.Polytechnic is a technical institute which imparts technical education in India. In short, Polytechnic means an institute that offers a variety of professional courses, which is mainly technical and vocational in nature. Polytechnics are not affiliated to any university but are recognized by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). They offer 3 Year duration diploma courses in engineering.

In fact, Polytechnics give one the comfort of various career courses under one roof. The courses offered by polytechnics help an individual kick-start his career – it allows him to start his own business or get a decent job at a reputed place. The courses are designed in such a way that the students are able to perform basic engineering tasks.

Types of Polytechnics:

There are various types of polytechnics in India – government owned polytechnics, private polytechnics, women’s polytechnic and likewise. Subjects taught in these polytechnics are numerous and include- mass communication, fashion designing, automobile engineering, chemical engineering, interior decoration, computer engineering…the list can go on and on.

The women polytechnics lay stress on all types of courses in general and women-oriented courses in particular. Women-oriented courses will enable women to become independent and begin their career. Some women oriented courses include cookery, sewing, house-decorations, etc.

The Advantages of 3 year Polytechnic Diploma:

1. The 3 year polytechnic diploma makes a student half engineer.

2. It’s the best option for students keen on studying technical subjects immediately after school.

3. More exposure to technical world compared to PUC students, tajen to 2year Engineering. This path is less competitive to get into Engineering compared to the path of PUC–>CET–>Engg

4. A diploma degree will be sufficient for junior engineering jobs

5. Successful candidates can set up their own industry

6. Excellent job opportunities un gulf countries

7. Campus recruitment in selected Government Polytechnics. You can be into MNC’s just 3 year after school while for others it’s a wait of 6 years (2 yrsPUC+3 or 4 yrs of Graduation)….

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